As a gift to our loyal fans, 1320 Records is offering a FREE album of some of the best tracks that came out during 2011. Hopefully you will find some of your favorite artists, along with some new faces to help you start 2012 in the best way possible. Full albums for all of the artists in the 1320 Records family are available at

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Celebrating the much anticipated REGENERATION FESTIVAL in North Plains, Oregon this coming June 23-26, 2011, this PodCast conatins at least one, if not two, tracks by every single performer joining STS9 for the summer's biggest party! 

STS9 - Scheme (from the new EP 'When The Dust Settles')
Bassnectar / Metallica - Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remixxx)
Emancipator - Safe in the Steep Cliffs
Lotus - Kesey Seed
Big Gigantic - Sky High
Glitch Mob - 99 Problems But A Glitch Ain't One/ STS9 Beyond Right Now MASH UP
Tycho - Coastal Brake
Beats Antique - Miss Levine
Little People - Basique
Bassnectar / Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
Paper Diamond - Snowfall
Break Science - The Alliance (feat Talib Kweli)
The Great Mundane - Cubicle Porn Stars
The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days
Eskmo - Hypercolor
Up Until Now - Good To You
Eliot Lipp - Its Time to Leave (Pretty Lights Remix)
Inspired Flight - The Plan (feat Eligh)
The Polish Ambassador - The Entrance (The Polish Ambassador Remix)
The Malah - Yorokobu (Live)
Keys n' Krates - Give Me The Night
STS9 - 20.12 (Live)

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Two fresh consists of an inseperable pair of twin producers, Sherwyn and Kendrick Nichols, who have been making beats and playing music together since they were fifteen years old. Now only twenty, the twins are ready to release their first album entitled “The Baker’s Dozen”. This release contains a unique style of music combining elements of hip hop, jazz, soul, standout synth lines, creative sample chops, and heavy bass sections. The thirteen track album is available for free download. It only takes one listen to tell that these two have something special.

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"This Is So You" is a six track EP featuring the found sounds, masterful synthesis and eclectic tastes of Portland-based beatsmith The Great Mundane. According to Lorn of Flying Lotus’ infamous Brainfeeder crew, this release has “spot-on songwriting, smart movements, changes, and proper sound design.” availabe on 1320 Records

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Big Gigantic - Fire It Up Fire It Up, the debut album from Big Gigantic, combines hard-hitting dance beats and booming bass lines with lush electronic landscapes and unforgettable melodies. This 10-track gem is available NOW as a free download.

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WIDE AWAKE, mixed and mastered by close friend, ALEX B (PNUMA) is sure to be a very strong follow up to their debut release and truly shows the matured sound of what these guys have been creating over the past few months. WIDE AWAKE debuts an unprecedented sound collage of slamming beats, infectious melodies and raging sax solos that when combined, creates one of the newest and freshest sounds on the scene.

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